Dear members and friends,


It is an honor for me to lead the NAAMA MI chapter for this year. I follow on the footsteps of outstanding professionals who served the chapter with distinction.

NAAMA is a great organization with long tradition of service, humanitarian support, education, advocacy and interaction with other like-minded organizations. The MI chapter has always been in the forefront of these activities and we want to maintain this role as an organization. However this cannot be done by few individuals on the broad of directors rather by the participation and enthusiasm of all members. So I encourage you to get involved, serve on its committees, and positively influence the direction of the organization.

Our focus this year will be around the following objectives:


– NAAMA is an organization for all those involved in the health care system not only physicians. We have a robust community of pharmacists, dentists, nurses, and scientists. Everyone should feel and act as this is your organization. So I encourage my colleagues from across the healthcare spectrum to be members of NAAMA and to get involved. To make Suggestions and organize activities for your groups and NAAMA will support you.

– NAAMA is a purely professional organization with the only purpose of providing service to healthcare professionals and the community. There are no other considerations and will not be influenced by political or other differences.We all have an obligation to keep it this way by getting involved and providing positive suggestions and constructive advice. Having said that, as an Arab American medical organization we will support humanitarian and social causes that reflect our mission here at home and around the world. Specifically, we want to focus on giving back to our communities here in MI, including working with schools, charitable health clinics, and local social organizations.

– The future of NAAMA is the rising generation of Healthcare students and trainees in the different medical professions. We plan to hold activities specifically targeted toward these trainees. I would like to ask our colleagues to encourage the students and trainees at your different institutions to get involved with NAAMA and to come up with proposals for professional and social activities and we will do our best to support them.

– We hope to continue the tradition of this organization in putting together high quality educational and social programs and we look forward to your support and participation.

– Finally, as a professional organization that is interested in the well being of the community and providing services to our members and healthcare providers at large, we invite professionals, organizations, businesses, to become NAAMA friends and contact us to see how we can facilitate your relevant professional services to our members.

– Thank you all for being part of NAAMA and supporting NAAMA. We look forward to fruitful and fun year!


By the way don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page that you can find on top of our homepage.



Ayman O. Soubani, MD

President, NAAMA- MI