As NAAMA moves forward, our challenge in maintaining our mission as set by our

founding members while we continue to evolve in order to meet the changing times we

live in.

Over the past 42 years NAAMA has been very successful in being the bridge between the

Arab World and the US on several levels. Our international conventions facilitated the

transfer of knowledge and experience while our humanitarian missions and charitable

projects helped communities in need and in time of disasters. With similar success,

NAAMA has provided a national vehicle to link Arab American health professionals and

their families within the US professionally and culturally.

As the influx of Arab health professionals is decreasing, we focus on our next generation

of members, as they will shape the future and determine the success of our association.

While, it is predicted that in the near future, that the next generation of NAAMA

members will be from graduating medical classes in the U.S. We need to engage our

young physicians and prepare them to carry the torch for the next 42 years.

The Michigan chapter prides itself as one of the four original chapters that established

NAAMA as a national organization and since then, it has been the beacon in promoting

our successes and maintaining our vision focused. Being in the heart of the Arab

American community in Michigan, serves our role as health professionals in addressing

issues of concern in our communities as well as abroad.

I am honored to have gained your trust in taking our chapter through another successful

year, and ask those of you non members to join us in making our organization stronger

and more successful.


Mouhanad Hammami, MD

President 2016, NAAMA MI