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San Diego Conference Student Sponsorship Needed

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Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Aws Hasan and Toufic Jildeh. We are two Arab American third year medical students at Wayne State University School of Medicine. We are both national NAAMA members and involved in the WSUSOM NAAMA chapter.
As newly minted third year students rotating at a predominately Arab American populated hospital, the widespread ignorance toward Arab American health practices has become increasingly apparent to both of us. This ignorance is prevalent at every level –from patient care tech to physician. We have observed gross disregard to Arab American cultural practices and neglect towards population demographics that could play a part in diagnosis. This should not be the case.
As the future of NAAMA, we believe that continuing education and awareness is important. We want to help our fellow attendings and residents become cognizant of the problems that Arab Americans face. We also want to work towards building a stronger Arab American physician network. We are in a unique place to have a widespread effect as we rotate through the different hospital specialties (e.g. family medicine, IM, surgery, OBGYN, etc).
With that said, we would like to inquire if there are any scholarship opportunities available to attend the upcoming NAAMA conference in San Diego. Both of us are hardworking students–we are active in our school’s student government as well as clinical and bench research. We are both at the top of the class, and both of us scored above one standard deviation above the mean on USMLE Step 1. This scholarship money will be put to good use. We intend on taking what we learn at the NAAMA San Diego conference, and reporting back to our peers at our local WSUSOM NAAMA chapter. We vow to raise awareness and work towards improving the state of Arab American health and physician networking.
Thank you for your consideration,
Toufic Jildeh
Aws Hasan
Wayne State University School of Medicine
MD Candidates Class of 2016​

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