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President-Elect 2013 Elections

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This year, we are conducting elections for the President – Elect position for 2013.  If you are an active member , you are eligible to vote and will be receiving election material in the mail . The opportunity to elect your President Elect  is a benefit of your membership and a duty.

President-Elect 2013 Candidates:


Ali Farhat , MD

My name is Dr. Ali Farhat.  I am a graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine.  I completed my Internal Medicine residency at Beaumont Health System, where I continue to practice as a hospitalist over the past 15 years.  I currently serve as Chief of the division of Hospital Medicine at Beaumont Health System.  I am also Assistant Professor at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, as well as Wayne State University School of Medicine.   At Beaumont, I chair the corporate CPR committee and am the founder and the medical director of the Rapid Response Team, as well as the Medical Surgical Observation Unit   In addition, I lead many quality improvement projects and committees, and I am passionate about providing my patients with the highest quality of care.

I have been a proud NAAMA member since 1992, and I’ve been privileged to serve as a Board member for NAAMA-MI over the past two years.  I am currently the vice president of the Board for the term ending this year.   I am seeking election as president-elect of NAAMA-MI board for the year 2013, and I am looking for your support.  The Board and I have worked very hard to elevate NAAMA’s position in the community, but our work is far from done.  If elected, I will work closely with our Board and general members to further strengthen our organization, and help NAAMA   build its position as a leader organization both nationally and internationally.  Thank you!



Ghassan Saed, PHD
My Name is Ghassan Saed; I am currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wayne State University School of Medicine. I have served on the NAAMA-MI board for the last four years. I was an integral part in promoting NAAMA’s mission of organizing and participating in educational, cultural and charitable events in our community. In 2012, I served as the Chief Financial Officer as well as the Gala chair. I am proud to report that this year the Gala was the most successful thus far. 580 people attended the event which included NAAMA members and members of various community organizations. This event would have not been possible without my exceptional personal communication skills, leadership, management, and teamwork. I am proud to be a NAAMA member as it gives me the opportunity to be part of an organized network of healthcare professionals. NAAMA incorporates its members from various healthcare professions including dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, allied health as well as clinical and translational research. I will work to strengthen these interactions, as they are the foundation for future Arab American healthcare professionals, by recruiting more members to our chapter. I will work hard to enhance the medical knowledge of NAAMA members by supporting professional and educational activities focused on health education and disease prevention in collaboration with community-based organizations. This will promote professional relationships among members, serve as an educational resource for medical students and healthcare-related post-graduate trainees and medical organizations, and more importantly create friendly relationships among healthcare professionals.

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