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Happy new year to all NAAMA-MI members and hope that you enjoyed your holidays. Last year has been a very active year for our organization.  I would like to sincerely thank members of the NAAMA-MI board who worked tirelessly with me throughout the year to provide excellent services to our members and to the community at large. Today, more than ever, Arab American population needs to be entirely united to ensure the well-being of our future generation. For this cause, NAAMA-MI was an active sponsor of several events of various healthcare, business, and social organizations in the community. NAAMA-MI is currently working with the Islamic institute of knowledge through C-ASIST to help in their project of establishing a free clinic in Dearborn. NAAMA-MI is supporting the 1001 Inventions Exhibition which is a showcases the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization and STEM contributions of pioneering men and women of various faiths and cultures to our modern world. NAAMA-MI is supporting The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) a medical relief organization that provides care and treatment for patients in Syria and neighboring countries. NAAMA-MI is supporting the Islamic Medical Association of North America in a project which will provide clean drinking water for Gaza. NAAMA-MI established an endowment fund with UDM dental school. Dr. Kaspo will tell us about later this evening. Our chapter has established scholarship funds to support the scholarly activities of graduate students in the health fields. The Objective of the scholarship award is to assist future generation of Arab American healthcare students in lessening their financial burden. As a result, we hope this investment in the future generation of Arab American healthcare professionals translates into giving back to the community at large. Additionally, NAAMA-MI has established 2 awards: the healthcare professional of the year award and the humanitarian of the year award which are presented at our Gala every year. I am humbled that I was selected as the chair of the 30th NAAMA international convention, which was held in Amman Jordan this past summer.  Together with my fellow NAAMA-MI board members, we played an integral role in the extraordinary success of this convention. In collaboration with many other chapters I am delighted to announce that the 2018  annual NAAMA national convention will be held in Michigan, which we anticipate to be just as extraordinary. On behalf of myself and the NAAMA-MI board I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our sponsors that supported our organization through out the past year. It has been an honor to serve as the president of this organization and I hope the momentum continues to accelerate well into the future. 

Dr. Ghassan Saed,

NAAMA-MI President


Postcards to Syria Fundraiser Dinner

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 Postcards to Syria
Dinner and Fundraising EventFriday, May 20, 2016
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Laurel Manor Conference and Banquet Center
3900 Schoolcraft Rd.
Livonia, MI 48150
Dear Friend
The United Nations Children’s Fund has called the Syrian crisis as the “most damaging conflict for children in the region’s recent history.”
Meanwhile the UNICEF highlighted what it called “deep developmental and emotional scars” left by the fighting.  UNICEF child protection specialists who work with refugees in Jordan, state that many of the Syrian children “are in pure survival mode” and “forgot normal social and emotional responses” to what they have seen.
Many Syrian refugee children are suffering profound emotional and psychological distress from the war.  These are “hidden injuries, hidden wounds that have been inflicted on children because of what they have experienced; the behavioral changes, the nightmares that they carry around with them – the way in which they can no longer function as normal children do”.  And, this is an aspect of the crisis, which has been too often overlooked, but which is growing all the time.  These children are at risk of becoming a “lost generation.”
Without adequate intervention the war could have a lasting impact on these children’s learning abilities, memory, social interactions, stress and fear responses, and the ability to control emotions.  The experiences of Syria’s war-affected children could lead to a generation of children experiencing long-term mental health, social and economic problems.
“Postcards to Syria” is a fundraising campaign led by the Michigan chapter of the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA – MI) to help those most vulnerable and assist in alleviating some of the trauma that refugee children have gone through.  NAAMA – MI is partnering with “Happiness Again” a non governmental not for profit entity working in Jordan that has been helping the Syrian refugees since 2014, especially the distressed and traumatized children, through providing medical aid, psychological and social support.  
With proceeds from the campaign “Postcards to Syria”, NAAMA hopes to expand the scope of work “Happiness Again” has been involved in and to establish “The Happiness Again – NAAMA Children Center” in Khalda, Amman for psychological services. 
The new “Happiness Again – NAMMA Children Center” will:
1)    Treat the children refugee through a 12-week program offers play and sand therapy, art therapy, and music therapy in addition to traditional psychiatric and psychological interventions.
2)    Provide psychosocial therapy to about 200 refugee children per year, ages 6-12, who suffer from PTSD related to the war.
3)    Help these children overcome their fears, regain their self-esteem and self-confidence, and become positive members to their community. 
4)    Support the families of the treated children through continuous home visits, consultations with the psychologist, and social development workshops to raise awareness about mental health issues and proper coping strategies.
We count on you and on your generous support to accomplish such a needed project.  We hope that you will support NAAMA and Happiness Again in ensuring that these children are not “lost or forgotten”.  Please join us and support “Post Cards to Syria”.
Please find attached how you can help.  for more information please e mail or call us at:
NAAMA Michigan

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Please download this form for ticket purchase and support levels.  If you need further assistance please call us at 313-848-8114 or e mail us at 

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Advances in Medicine CME Symposium

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The NAAMA MI chapter in collaboration with SAMS MI chapter organized a successful CME symposium on October 3rd, 2015 at the Embassy Suites in Southfield. The meeting was well attended with more than 50 participants from different healthcare specialties. The symposium title was “Advances in Medicine” and they were 9 lectures that provided updates in the different field of medicine:
  • Dr. Abdulghani Sankari gave an update of the management of COPD including the role of different medications, pulmonary rehabilitation, oxygen therapy and non-invasive ventilation.
  • Dr. Ahmad Ghabshah discussed the acute management of severe sepsis focusing on the role of fluid resuscitation, early antibiotics, and supportive measures during the care of these critically ill patients
  • Dr. Aref Rayes gave an overview about the recent developments in the management of viral hepatitis, especially Hepatitis C
  • Dr. Saleh Aldasouqi introduced new concepts in the testing for hyperlipidemia and provided evidence on potential for non-fasting lipid profile testing
  • Dr. Wasseem Salkini was kind to come back from West Virginia to give an overview about the development and applications of robot surgery
  • Dr. Zyad Kafri provided insight on the role of biomarkers in the management of variety of cancers and the new targeted therapies that were recently developed based on these markers
  • Dr. Mahir Elder discussed the management of submassive and massive pulmonary embolism and the role of catheter directed thrombolytic therapy
  • Dr. Ammar Hatahat updated the audience on the guidelines for the management of hypertension including recent evidence suggesting tighter control of blood pressure
  • Dr. Rany Aburashed lead the group in a lively discussion about multiple sclerosis, including pathogenesis, diagnosis and management
The lectures were well received the audience was very engaged with comments and questions. The feedback was outstanding and appreciative of the organization and speakers for their nonbiased presentations. The participants received their CME credit hours that were authorized through NAAMA.
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Echo- estimated Pulmonary Hypertension CME

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Our members benefited from a valuable lecture on echo–estimated pulmonary hypertension on June 3rd at Fleming’s Steakhouse restaurant in Birmingham. The guest educator Dr. Ghulaim Saydain, assistant professor of Internal medicine Pulmonary Critical care & Sleep Division Director, Pulmonary Hypertension Program in Wayne State University, presented a great lecture that covered various aspects on the topic. Dr. Saydain identified sources of error in the echo-estimate of right ventricular systolic or pulmonary arterial pressure, and talked about examining the echo report and the clinical co-morbidities for other features that suggest HFpEF as opposed to pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Dr. Saydain also enlightened attendees on recognition of initial treatment failure as an indication for early referral and right heart catheterization by a team experienced in PAH patient management. The attendees also enjoyed a great dinner at Fleming’s Steakhouse.

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Match Day Party

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The NAAMA ‘Match Day Party’ was held at the Emagine Royal Oak’s High Roller Room on the 28th of April 2015. The event was sponsored by NAAMA MI and the WSUSOM. A total of 25-30 students and residents attended the event representing WSU, OU, MSU, and DMC. Current NAAMA MI president Dr. Soubani led the evening with a game of bowling with the students. In addition to four lanes of bowling students enjoyed their time playing pool and shuffleboard. The highlight of the evening was a Dabke dance led by the students. Food and refreshments were provided during this casual and social atmosphere. The event was concluded with final remarks by Khalil Mroue, current NAAMA WSU president, congratulating those who are graduating and thanking the sponsors for making this event a success.


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Assessment of Echo-estimated Pulmonary Hypertension CME/CE Activity

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Guest Educator

Ghulam Saydain, MD, FCCP

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine

Pulmonary Critical Care & Sleep Division Director, Pulmonary Hypertension Program

Wayne State University, School of Medicine

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

323 N Old Woodward Ave, Birmingham, MI 48009 

Wednesday, June 3

Registration | 6:00 pm
Lecture |6:30pm – 7:30pm
For info: please email



NAAMA MI Annual Gala 2014

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NAAMA, Michigan Chapter had their 2014 Annual Gala at the luxurious Dearborn Inn, where the outgoing President Dr.Ghassan M Saed said “I promised that I will increase membership and sponsors, and I did both”, and went on to summarized the activities of NAAMA throughout the year in the different areas of social, educational, athletic and philanthropy, and thanked the sponsors one by one on their support.
Dr. Nabil Elie Khoury received the prestigious Health Care Professional of the Year Award for hos long list of achievements including being a past NAAMA president, and students Emman Dabaja and Shaza Al-Holou were the scholarship recipients.

Dr. Ayman Soubani, the newly elected President, presented Dr. Ghassan Saed with an award, and thanked him for his energetic leadership, which he said will make his task easier this year.

Entertainment was provided by Saxophone Player Kamal Kareem, and Comedian Amer Zahr performed his stand up act and autographed books.

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San Diego Conference Student Sponsorship Needed

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Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Aws Hasan and Toufic Jildeh. We are two Arab American third year medical students at Wayne State University School of Medicine. We are both national NAAMA members and involved in the WSUSOM NAAMA chapter.
As newly minted third year students rotating at a predominately Arab American populated hospital, the widespread ignorance toward Arab American health practices has become increasingly apparent to both of us. This ignorance is prevalent at every level –from patient care tech to physician. We have observed gross disregard to Arab American cultural practices and neglect towards population demographics that could play a part in diagnosis. This should not be the case.
As the future of NAAMA, we believe that continuing education and awareness is important. We want to help our fellow attendings and residents become cognizant of the problems that Arab Americans face. We also want to work towards building a stronger Arab American physician network. We are in a unique place to have a widespread effect as we rotate through the different hospital specialties (e.g. family medicine, IM, surgery, OBGYN, etc).
With that said, we would like to inquire if there are any scholarship opportunities available to attend the upcoming NAAMA conference in San Diego. Both of us are hardworking students–we are active in our school’s student government as well as clinical and bench research. We are both at the top of the class, and both of us scored above one standard deviation above the mean on USMLE Step 1. This scholarship money will be put to good use. We intend on taking what we learn at the NAAMA San Diego conference, and reporting back to our peers at our local WSUSOM NAAMA chapter. We vow to raise awareness and work towards improving the state of Arab American health and physician networking.
Thank you for your consideration,
Toufic Jildeh
Aws Hasan
Wayne State University School of Medicine
MD Candidates Class of 2016​

Join Our Medical Mission

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What is so special about this mission:

We will have specialized Clinics (GI, Neurology, Dermatology, Cardiology, etc…)

We will be part of a Psycho-Social program for children

We will have several Medical days in various areas of Jordan We will be working as a team, both NAAMA & SAMS

We will work with Spinal Cord Injury and Amputee patients

We will have a Non-Medical component to the mission; to distribute food, clothes, etc.…

Who can come?

All are welcome, physicians and non-physicians.

What we are in need of are the following:

Plastic Surgery



Female Physicians


Children Social workers and teachers Volunteers

Who will pay?

Every volunteer will pay for their own air flight (about $900-1200)

Hotel accommodation (about $120-150 per night for single/double room)

Local Transportation and the Food (about $400-600) for the whole trip per person

I hope that you all have it in your heart to join us in our Next Mission

For more Info please contact:

The mission Leader, Humam Akbik. MD,, phone: 513-907-7200,

Mohammad Saleh, MD,, phone 616-334-9522,

SAMS office:, phone: (866) 809-9039,

Hussein Abdallah from NAAMA office:, phone: (248) 646-3661